The Best OLED TVs

The Best OLED TVs


Due to their high cost, 4K OLED TVs remained out of reach for the majority of people for a long time. However, as technology improved, prices decreased, and it has now practically reached mainstream status. Now is the time when someone looking to purchase a new TV would give an OLED model consideration.

If you are looking for an OLED TV, check our recommended list of the best OLED TVs and buying guides.

Top Picks

Best Overall: LG C2 Series Class OLED Evo Gallery Edition Smart TV

Best Premium: Sony XR65A95K 65" BRAVIA XR A95K TV

Best Budget: LG OLED A1 Series 48” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV

Best 4K: SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B TV

Best 8K: LG Signature 88-Inch Class OLED Z2 Series 8K Smart TV

What to Look for in an OLED TV?

Refresh Rate

If everything you do is watching TV shows or films, 60Hz is sufficient, but if you ever want to play games on it, it's not enough. You should look for a TV with 120FPS like the Sony XR65A95K 65" BRAVIA XR A95K TV to enjoy the newest gaming consoles, such as the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Fortunately, with the HDMI 2.1 standard, the majority of OLED TVs have been produced with a 120Hz refresh rate. Some models even enable users to change the refresh rate. This reduces stuttering during gaming and removes screen distortion.

Brightness Levels

The brightness levels of OLED TVs are one of their key drawbacks in comparison to their rival QLED equivalents. Sadly, they don't develop as much intelligence. OLED panels, however, have improved in brightness recently to offer sufficient amounts for an excellent HDR experience. Make sure the TV you choose can set the brightness to a peak brightness of about 700–800 nits ( check this LG C2 Series Class OLED evo Gallery Edition Smart TV if you want one with high brightness) when you are watching HDR content. If you frequently watch TV in low light, bright OLED levels will not be a real issue. 

Sound Quality

Sound quality is another factor you should consider. While some OLED TVs might have outstanding speakers and poor visual fidelity, others may have fantastic speakers and poor picture quality. Finding a sound balance between them is essential. Looking for customer feedback and reviews to understand more about the product you will pick.

Additional Features

The OLED TV's software is just as important as its hardware since it determines what material you can watch. You're in luck because, regardless of the brand you choose today, you can access every major streaming platform, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and others.


OLED TVs are still pricey, at least when compared to conventional LED TVs, despite recent decreases in price. The brand and version you choose may have a significant impact on the price. For instance, the premium OLED TVs from Sony cost hundreds of dollars more than those from LG.

Choosing a model from the prior year instead of the current one when buying an OLED TV will help you save money. Checking deals or buying in sale seasons will also help you find a good one with a reasonable price.


1. How long will an OLED display last?

The materials' short lifespan is one of the key issues with OLED displays. Since then, this field has made significant progress and OLED materials are now quite durable, with a lifespan of one million hours or above.

2. Is OLED safe for your eyes?

Your eyesight will benefit more from OLED displays. They have a wider variety of colors, higher contrast, and natural lighting. However, if you don't engage in safe TV viewing habits, it doesn't matter what kind you use.


Your OLED TV selection should best suit your intended application. Making the incorrect decision is simple because there are presently so many alternatives available at various price points. However, if you keep this feature checklist in mind, you ought to be able to make a well-informed choice.

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