The Best TCL TVs

The Best TCL TVs



Even though they are typically renowned for their simple models with few amenities, some of their most current products include the newest technological advancements. The TCL brand has established itself as an innovator in addition to providing exceptional performance, with picture and sound quality to the rival more expensive competition.

They frequently provide lower prices than their rivals, and the majority of individuals ought to be happy with their higher-end models. These TCL TV discounts are guaranteed to have something to satisfy at a price you can afford, whether you're looking for a small or mid-sized set for a bedroom or smaller common space, or a big-screen unit for your living room.

So, to get you started, have a look at our list of the best TCL TVs. To know more, keep scrolling down! Our best-rated TVs are on the below list


1. Best Overall – TCL 6-Series QLED (R635)

Remarkable Specifications:

  • Type: QLED

  • Screen Size: 55, 65, and 75 inches 

  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz

  • HDMI Ports: 4 HDMI 2.1

Product Highlights

When compared to similarly priced premium sets, the TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635) provides excellent value for the money by providing superior picture quality and a terrific smart TV experience. Thanks to mini-LED technology and skillfully executed full-array local dimming, the TCL 6-Series Dolby Vision HDR TV has a fantastic image that makes it stand head and shoulders above most other TVs in this price range. It has a superb TCL implementation because the UI feels slick and is simple to use as one would anticipate. With a THX mode that combines low input lag and high contrast, it's also a great option for gamers. And if that weren't enough, our top pick for an operating system is the TCL TV platform. The 6-Series is more vibrant than ever before because of the addition of Quantum Dots, and the new AIPQ engine makes upscaled content look even better than it did the year before.

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  • Excellent black levels

  • Roku support

  • Good gaming features


  • The sound is a little weak

2. Best Budget – TCL 5-Series

Remarkable Specifications

  • Type: QLED

  • Resolution: 4k

  • HDMI ports: 3 HDMI (1 eARC)

  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

  • Screen Sizes: 5" 55" 65" 75"

Product Highlights

We were impressed by the TCL 5-Series Google TV (S546)'s of smart TV capabilities, reliable performance, and excellent value for money. Even the largest model, which retails for less than $1,000, offers QLED's exceptional color and brightness. The QLED display not only provides a full color gamut and superb color accuracy, but also the best HDR compatibility available, including Dolby Vision in addition to the more fundamental HDR10 and HLG codecs. It's also among the most inexpensive gaming TVs available, with an input lag measuring 13.1 milliseconds.

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  • Affordable 

  • Great color quality and smooth motion

  • Built-in Roku smarts


  • Limited viewing angles

3. Best Cheap – TCL 4 S435

Remarkable Specifications

  • Screen Size: 40"

  • Screen Type: 43, 50, 55, 65, 75, 85 inches

  • TV Type: LED

  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

  • HDMI: 3 (1 ARC)

Product Highlights

With respectable picture quality and the incredibly useful Roku TV smart interface, the TCL 4-Series Roku TV (S435) proves that 4K is increasingly widely used. Even TCL's inexpensive 4-Series TVs have above-average quality for a low-cost LCD TV, despite lacking the mini-LED backlight of the 6-Series or the QLED display of the 5-Series. Unfortunately, it doesn't become bright enough to battle glare, and the reflection management is just passable, so it's better to avoid using it in a well-lit space. Due to the short response time and the backlight flickering at low levels at 120Hz, fast-moving material may appear blurry.

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  • Decent reflection handling

  • Low price

  • Solid Roku skills


  • No Dolby Vision support 


1. Which series is best in TCL?

The greatest TCL TV we've tested is the 6 Series/R646 2021 QLED. A new Mini LED backlight in this outstanding TV offers a brighter picture and tighter control over the local dimming zones. With one of the highest contrast ratios with local dimming that we have ever tested, it provides excellent contrast.

2. Is TCL 5 series much better than the 4 series?

Compared to the TCL 4 Series/S435 2020, the TCL 5 Series/S535 2020 QLED is significantly superior. The 5 Series grows brighter, has full-array local dimming, and has a superior contrast ratio. Additionally, it offers a smaller input lag, a significantly faster response time, and a wide color gamut for HDR video.

3. What time of the year is best to buy a TV?

According to experts, timing is everything when it comes to finding a TV deal that matches the size of your dream big screen. Super Bowl season, spring, and Black Friday are three of the best times of year to buy a TV (and save money).

Final Thoughts

Overall, the TVs we suggest above are the ones we believe are currently the best TVs available, taking into account the preferences of most consumers. We hope you will choose the greatest option from our reviews of the best TCL TVs.

If you’re eager to buy a new TV but overwhelmed by many variations, check out our TV buying guide. Please feel free to add your helpful comments if you believe I missed one that is relevant.


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